Coconut juice, mozzies and maxi-moon

We hit the road for some new adventures. We decided to leave the beautiful sun of Sydney, Chatime’s delicious bubble tea, the cockatoos that woke us up early every weekend, but we also said bye-bye to a comfortable life. We packed up our apartment, sold all our furniture and sent all the crap that we didn’t have the heart to throw away to Belgium. Direction Amsterdam! The weather might be more grey, the temperature colder, but challenge accepted!

Before that, we went to Malaysia. Again. We stayed in KL for 3 days so we could enjoy its sweat-dripping heat and polluted air. Then, we headed to the tropical island of Langkawi where we stayed in an A-list Airbnb, in one of Langkawi’s kampongs, near Pantai Cenang!


Langkawi is probably the most touristy island of Malaysia. It is THE beach destination with locals, especially with families – there is an Air Asia flight every hour leaving from KL! It is probably more frequent than your suburbia train, but at least your bus is punctual. At the boarding gate, we were waiting over an hour as our flight had been  -with not much of a surprise – delayed. We noticed this really loud family with all its members sniffing and coughing without putting their hands in front of their mouth every 10 seconds. Funnily enough, we were joking saying that we will probably be sitting next to them, and that didn’t miss! The little nipper kept kicking my seat, screamed and cried for the whole flight. But well, it was an hour of torture for 3 days on the beach! In Langkawi, our Airbnb host (probably the best Airbnb we stayed in ever), Illa, was waiting for us at the airport under the scorching heat. She then drove us to her place, through useful places to remember such as the gas station, the mamak of the neighbourhood  (which serves roti pisang) and the super doughnut stand near the residence!

No time to waste, we went to check out the beach of Pantai Cenang by the end of the afternoon to relax. This could not have been any more touristy (well, it is not as bad as Kuta Beach in Bali but it could compete in a few years). There, you can find everything: jets skis and other aquatic sports (a real circus on the water), some tourists on bananas, massage parlours obviously; but also some restaurants on the beach serving the best satay in the world (way better than the Indonesian satay!), and most of all, some pretty sunsets.



We woke up super early the next morning, to the sound of crowing roosters which were running around freely in the garden. We left for Pantai Cenang where we enjoyed our very first roti pisang of the trip. Well, when the guy prepares your roti, it is better not to look at him, or you definitely will be repelled by the huge amount of butter he was using. Fortunately, we only eat that once every two years! Brekkie eaten, motorbike rented, there we were, on the roads of Langkawi! And we got lost. We drove in circles around the island for hours but in our misfortune, we ended up on the really pretty beach of Tanjung Rhu where we sipped some nice fresh coconut juice and where we swam in a warm and turquoise water! We carried on towards the huge waterfall of Telaga Tujuh – the waterfall of the seven wells. It has been so named because of the 7 natural pools that have been formed at different levels by water streams that flow down the second highest mountain of Langkawi. To observe the waterfall, you have two options: a crazy steep 20-30 minutes climb with, on the way, a few monkeys scrutinizing you and who are waiting for the good moment to pick your pocket; or, the base of the waterfall which is really easily accessible but fully packed with kids who came to enjoy the natural pools. This is probably to add on your checklist of the things to see in Langkawi!



On the third day, we tested the Island Hopping tour for 25rm ($8.00 AUD per person)! Several shabby buses came to pick our group up in Pantai Cenang. Buses where the seats were not screwed to the vehicle and were rocking like rocking chairs. They dropped us off in some sort of a bay (it looked more like a muddy swamp, even if the bay looks cool on the below picture), in order to embark, and so we sailed away to some new adventures, with the painful sound of our sea sick neighbour…


All these signs should have warned us as the whole tour wasn’t cra-zy. We passed in front of “the Pregnant Maiden Lake” before we stopped at the Geopark. With such a name, we expected a place dedicated to geology with fossils and insane rocks. Instead, we saw a large lake, some pedal boats and heaps of tourists floating with their red life jackets in the water. However, we still didn’t know what the Geopark was!

On the way to the pretty island where we were going to chill and grill, the guide stopped the boat and got out a bag full of pieces of chicken. He started to throw the pieces into the water to attract the large eagles, in large numbers in this zone. The feeding of the eagles was not really interesting. Furthermore, I am not totally sure that feeding eagles with chicken every 5 minutes from a tourist boat, is a good idea. Finally, we chilled on a pretty inhabited island before heading back to Pantai Cenang. Good thing that the tour was only 25rm haha!


Next stop: Japan for a solid month!


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