Derrick, an endless adventure

In May 2012, I left France for 8 weeks of travel through Borneo and the Phillipines with Adeline, before starting my new job in Terrenganu, Malaysia. We barely touched the ground in Borneo but we already felt at home. We had both lived in Malaysia for 6 months before, and we were so excited by the idea of going back there!


Our first stop in Borneo was Bako National Park to discover its tropical forests, its luxurious flora and fauna, its secret beaches and most importantly, its proboscis monkeys! We stayed there two days and one night. On the first day, we planned a full day of trekking. It was super exhausting and insufferably boiling hot, but the park was crazy beautiful. We had a swim in a breathless hidden beach and we felt so good that we hadn’t seen the massive big clouds forming… We were trapped in the middle of a tropical storm, drenched to the bone, obliged to return back to the camp through muddy and slippery paths. We finally arrived in our powerless dorms, all dishevelled, and met the guy who would be sharing our dorm for the night: Derrick! A guy who is actually so beautiful that I would not normally talk to him! But Derrick, an Australian scientist, left his job to travel around the world – we had the same thirst for adventure and discovering new things; and the same way of travelling and seeing the world. He was the introvert type, calm, intelligent and passionate. Well, I didn’t come to Borneo to meet someone! Neither did he. He followed us to Mulu, our next stop, and left us before we were leaving for our long trek to the Pinnacles. We kept contact by email during our respective travels; he was eating pho like a pig with his brother in Vietnam,  while I was continuing my trip in Borneo and the Phillipines. Our trip finished at the same time and we decided to keep going together in Myanmar. Adeline had plans to go to South Korea.

It really started in Myanmar – from there, we never really left each other. It was so good because we knew we woud stay together for a while. And ever since, we have been living the adventure with a capital A. Together, we crossed Malaysia and Myanmar from north to south, walked several days in Cambodia, fed some monks at sunrise, ate for 4 in France, saw a play in London, tested the ice cold Canadian winter, were blown away for a whole month in Costa Rica, screamed our hearts out in New York’s Coney Island rides, experienced painful massages in Bali, drank heaps in Holland and in Belgium, we adored road tripping in Iceland, ate two $90 phos in Vietnam and had 3 places called “home”, in Paris, Montréal and finally, Sydney. It is in this city that we currently living, and loving it. Derrick is an adventure himself.

All this to say that if I kept doing my Happy Challenge,  I would have exploded all the charts in terms of happiness level as he offered me a rock! And I obviously accepted! That was the reason why I totally failed in my blog writer’s duty. Adventure awaits!!!


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