From the black sand beaches of Vik, to the glaciers of Skaftafell, via the Canyons of Fjadrargljufur


The day started nicely with the Black Sheep who was already getting on our nerves. Departure planned for 8:00am and it was already 9:00am. I was helping Adeline to fold up her tent that she shared with Black Sheep the previous night. Black Sheep did not care and disappeared every few minutes I-don’t-know-where, instead of helping us clean out the mess that she left in the tent (her sleeping bag, her mattress, her 5 polar fleeces and all her dirty tissues, lol). It was 9:30am when we finally left the camp for Vik, a small coastal town with black sandy beaches, sharp cliffs and a dramatic mood. The little town of Vik is a major tourist site (on an Icelandic scale) as in 1991, the American  magazine Islands Magazine declared that this beach was one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. However, there was no one and it was awesome! We almost felt like we were castaways…

DSCN8403 DSCN8404

Not far from Vik, there was Dyrholaey Beach which was to our suprise, way more popular and we had to admit, it was pretty stunning! Down below, a totally deserted black sand beach; in the background, a few caves carved from a rock wall made of basalt rocks. A bit further, we found the volcanic arch which gave the site its name – Dyrholaey, “the hill-island with the door-hole” and mostly, we had an increadible view of Vik, the beach of Reynifjara and a big promontory right in the middle of the beach. However, still no puffins in sight!

DSCN8425  DSCN8435DSCN8443 DSCN8441

We moved to the next level when we discovered the Canyon of  Fjadrargljufur (what a name!). The third slap in our face of the day and probably the 15th since the beginning of the trip. A little photo of Adeline to humanise this blog a little bit – I didn’t have the balls to go to the very edge of the cliff, which felt like it might suck me over the edge.

DSCN8464 DSCN8468

As we drove along south, the scenery changed, glaciers started appearing and this familiar and omnipresent moss that covered everything and nothing made room for a rocky and lunar landscape. In Skaftafell National Park, we saw our first glaciers and ice lagoon! However, everything was grey: the sky, the lake, the ice and my lips haha! It was just OK after all the things we saw that day! But still, it was pretty cool!

DSCN8490 DSCN8497

That night, we had found a really charming campsite in Svinafell, not far from the national park of Skaftafell (the campsite of the park was infested with Frenchies!). Everything could have been perfect if Black Sheep haven’t had an umpteenth tantrum for nothing and if I hadn’t turned myself super Saiyan. And so we took that chance to explain to her all the little things that didn’t work out in the group. After putting ourselves under the spotlight in front of everyone in the campsite and made her cry all the tears out of her body, we then started fresh again. I mean, that’s what we thought…


15 thoughts on “From the black sand beaches of Vik, to the glaciers of Skaftafell, via the Canyons of Fjadrargljufur

  1. Oh mais wow wow wow vous vous en prennez des claques !! la chaaaance qu’est ce que j’aimerais ca moi voir des plages aux sables rouges ou noirs ! c’est impressionnant ! :)
    Tes photos sont AWESOME btw :) bisouuus


  2. C’est clair, ça à l’air bien ouf l’Islande! ça me rappelle toujours le film de Ben Stiller qui était sorti cette année, et dont la moitié de l’histoire se passe en Islande. Déjà, devant le film, j’étais “whaouhhh!! c’est ça l’Islande!?”;


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