The Golden Circle : Þingvellir, Geysir & Gullfoss


We met at the airport, Adeline and her massive large bag which, when on her back, hid her mane of hair; as well as Sandra, who brought a large backpack and a huge suitcase. Lucky I told them that we had booked a small compact car and so we needed to travel light (for 10 days). And because Adeline wanted to check in her backpack, we gave her our tent pegs, but she still managed to get stopped by security as she forgot to put the tent pegs of HER OWN tent in the checked bag. Great!

After a quick 3 hour flight next to a cool young blond and white-as-a-ghost icelandic kid who was showing me how to get high with Icelandic snuff (sort of a tobacco that you stick against the palate and that makes freaking scary holes in your gum…brrr), and after my teeth were chattering like crazy when they opened the door of the plane (was that  really summer?) and finally, after we aquaplaned with our little Hyundai with it’s almost empty fuel tank; we finally arrived in Reykjavik totally lost. Follow  Snæbraut. If you have passed  Langholtsvegur, it means you have gone too far. Turn right on Kringlumýrabraut, and then on Sundlaugavegur. Oops, we’ve turned on Laugalækur rather than Laugarasvegur. We arrived at the guesthouse at 4:00am (after we drove around for 2 hours, screaming at each other), totally knackered and blaming all these impossible names to memorize and to pronounce. On the next day, we decided that we had deserved a nice sleep-in  before  we went for a quick visit of the Icelandic capital and check out its small hipster shops, its trendy restaurants  and bars and  its souvenir shops. Then, we went to  get a few groceries for the following days. The program: visit of the Golden Circle, which is a must see combo of cool things to visit, which includes the well know sights like the Þingvellir National Park (pronounce it Thingvellir), Geysir and the Gulfoss Falls. The adventure starts here!

We got lost one more time when we had to leave the city. But let’s not talk about it! We just needed to exit a little bit the city to see a succession of gorgeous landscapes: lush valleys, really impressive geological fissures, a few waterfalls and ducks everywhere! Þingvellir is the only Iceland site part of the Unesco Heritage list and is actually a really important place in Icelandic history. This place was indeed chosen to gather the parliament at the end of the Viking era and it is also here that Iceland’s independance has been signed back in 1944. But on top of that, we can touch the American AND European tectonic plates!

DSCN8332IMG_7687DSCN8333  DSCN8319

Then, we continued our way to Geysir, a suuuuuper mega touristy site where you can get geysers exploding right in ya face!!! It was impossible to miss the place because of all the cars and buses of tourists already there, but especially because of the rotten egg smell that floated in the air. In Reykjavik, the hot water already didn’t smell that nice (and then you get paranoia and think it will stick to your skin, haha) but there, it was pretty deadly! There were a lot of little pools filled up with boiling water scattered all around the site that would only make some *blop* sounds, but a bit further, you could see a big pool with people all around, fingers on the shutter, ready to snap away at the pressure building under the water. They were waiting for the grand finale explosion. It was really impressive as you could see the power underneath the earth. We could see the pool filling up little by little, the water starting to get agitated and paff! It exploded on average every 4 minutes and it went really high! Everyone ran away pretty quickly when it started bucketing and we all started to walk in thick mud.

IMG_7690 IMG_7704IMG_7699

Already feeling like explorers, we sailed away to the famous Gullfoss falls. A waterfall that we had all seen everywhere on postcards, photo albums, everywhere! And obviously, it was packed with tourists but we understood why. It was CRAZY! Big snap on our face! Our eyes couldn’t take it all in! The canyon in the background was sublime and the fall itself was ridiculously powerful. It is really hard to realise the immensity  of the falls in the pictures but the Gullfoss falls measure 32 metres high and 70 metres wide. Niagara falls (which I think is so not impressive – even less with all that crap and light shit built next to the falls), is cat pee compare to Gullfoss.


We went camping in Vik with Black Sheep who decided to sulk the whole time after she realised that all guesthouses and hotels were fully booked. However, it was freezing cold that night, against this big rock, on the sea shore. The sun was still here at 4am.



6 thoughts on “The Golden Circle : Þingvellir, Geysir & Gullfoss

  1. A couper le souffle !! Quelle aventure !! Mais j’aimerais savoir un truc : avez-vous quand même pu déguster vos boites de sardines dans les tentes ou alors elles vous ont été injustement confisquées à la sécurité ?


  2. tu me donnes encore plus envie de visiter ce beau pays!! ça fait longtemps que j’y pense mais je me dis que je vais attendre pour bien organiser le voyage et en profiter à fond vu toutes les beautés que tu nous montres!!
    le kiff ce serait de plonger dans la rivière Silfra!


  3. c’est la rivière qui passe entre les fameuses plaques tectoniques d’Amérique et d’Europe l’eau est d’une pureté rare y a juste à voir les photos sur internet pour en avoir le souffle coupé!


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