Geishas, monkeys, foxes and other splendors in Kyoto

Kyoto is a really really amazing city (!!!), so amazing that I had a lot of difficulties writing this article without it being too long, and I had to control myself to not publish all my photos. This old capital which is a lot more traditional, less exuberant, more elegant and sophisticated than Tokyo, won … More Geishas, monkeys, foxes and other splendors in Kyoto

From Magome to Tsumago – Following the footsteps of the samurai

We left Tokyo quite early in the day to start our Japan tour. Once again, we hung around for a while in Tokyo station to check out all the different options for our lunch. The bento boxes were all pretty and colourful and the choice seemed impossible: takoyaki, sushi or katsudon, all these in beautiful … More From Magome to Tsumago – Following the footsteps of the samurai

Cheers Tokyo!

We discovered Tokyo last January, right after our little stop in Kuala Lumpur. We knew that a trip to Japan would be THE ultimate culture shock of our lives! This trip required a little bit of preparation, as we wanted to maximise the use of our JR Pass (which cannot be ordered once in Japan). … More Cheers Tokyo!

Mission Beach!

A few months ago, I was invited by my company to spend a few days in the TNQ – or Tropical North Queensland, the north east of Australia. In theory, this should have been synonymous with palm trees, tropical islands and heaps of sun! In Cairns, with no time to breathe, we went straight to Fitzroy Island. … More Mission Beach!

Waiheke Island

I know, I have been away for several months and like I said, I have been quite busy – moving apartment, getting a new job, seeing some friends getting married, getting married myself, travelling here and there and waiting for my permanent residency (…and still waiting! Not really efficient, the immigration..!). Not writing anything in … More Waiheke Island